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The plate theory of forgetting..

Forgetfulness has become an obsession with me of late. I probably have like two things that I can remember and the rest of them just seem to vaporize away! And this seems to get worse with time. Not that I am anywhere near the nadir of my life and ready to kick the bucket anytime soon. But still this forgetfulness seems to become more chronic of late.

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En vazhi thaneee vazhi…(My way is unique)

Rajnikanth would have had a great future as a comedian even if he had not become a super star in tamil cinema.

His so called stunts are totally humorous.
Check this really hilarious ad out.

The Power of Pre Conceived Notions

As anyone who works in a Silicon Valley company (or a company with similar outlook) would endorse, there comes a time in an individual’s career when she has to choose between an Individual Contributor(IC) role or a managerial role. ICs in general, are viewed as anti-social nerds with technical brilliance. They would be a square peg in the round managerial hole. On the other hand, the managers have the ability to lead teams, solve administrative problems, provide strategy and vision etc.

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Sequels and the current financial crisis.

We seem to be living in a world that does not know when to call it quits. For instance, if a good movie is created it has to have its sequels. Exorcist was quickly followed by Exorcist II and so on till the whole world knew about the entire family tree of exorcists. Chicken soup for the (generic) soul got succeeded by a spasm of chicken soups for every species of soul extant in the universe. So you had one for the Pet Lover’s soul, father and son soul, adopted soul,mother’s soul, preteen soul,ocean lover’s soul etc.- Irreverently speaking, there is one for every a$$hole (no offence meant.. just could not resist this diabolical urge to use the pun) And what if a pre teen mother loves visiting acquariums and keeps a rabbit? She has to read like four books now!

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Laughter Therapy

As a person who has travelled to different parts of the world, I did get a chance to experience massage at different places. But today’s experience at an ayurvedic massage center at Hyderabad, has to rank as one of the funniest ones ever.

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Google and The Story of Search

“The Search” is a book by John Battelle. It talks about Google and its rivals and their supremacy in the internet era. With my trace of megalomania the first thing this story did is of course to spark a tad of envy in me. Why not me? I had written some interesting things in my lifetime but never attained mainstream status etc. But then I digress.

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Beautiful Earth and its people

Did you guys check out this video?

It is one of the most beautiful things that you can ever see. Bad dancing at its best. The guy goes all over the world, encourages everyone to dance with him, has a good time, shoots a video in the process, does a great edit on the video and here it is right there posted on the internet!!

The beautiful lilting song of Tagore’s ( makes me want to go and grab his Geetanjali and read it) and the nicely choreographed indian dance from Gurgaon add some unique touches to this shoot. We need more of these world unification videos. Makes us all understand that we are in effect one happy family inhabiting this wonderful planet.

Entering fatherhood

Several things have happened in my life over the past few months that merited their entry into this blog. But I havent been able to put myself into a frame of mind to bring these blogging thoughts onto a computer. So guys, brace yourself for the worst, I gotta announce to you that those thoughts have vanished and are lost for posterity. But let me pull a few of those thoughts from the embers and publish them in this entry.

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Unstated Truths and HR Jurisprudence

I think it is tacitly agreed that HR (Human Resources group) in any company should refrain from using any kind of language or do anything that can even be mildly construed as amounting to a special treatment of an individual. Because, a view that an individual is getting special attention might lead to all kinds of complications. Others might get offended and sue the company for preferential treatment on any number of charges ranging from sexual harassment to racial, religious, gender or any other type of discrimination.

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Unconditional Love

As a would be father I am obviously ecstatically waiting for my little one.

Indian retrograde laws that prohibit revealing the sex of the baby,( aimed at nitwits who don’t appreciate feminine progeny) have made sure that I am kept in suspense as to the sex of the baby. (By the way, I got to tell you that these kind of laws, though they vary in content from country to country, are still universal. But that is another topic for another day). Despite all this, I am thrilled thinking about the state of my little one in my wife’s womb. I know this is fairly symptomatic of the state of mind of expecting fathers and mothers.

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