Keeping up with the Online Joneses

Ok.. I have acquired my Facebook account, wrote a few reviews in Amazon, set up another one at Twitter, started answering questions on Linkedin, am maintaining my blogs and posting my pictures. But will all this industry on my part ensure that my name would be googled by “all and sundry” and their siblings?

I was reading some articles recently that mention that I need to post to my blog at least once a week and ensure that my twits happen on a more frequent basis. And pray tell me why? Because my prospective employer is looking for me in twitter. My family is checking me out. My work force is looking for that constant stream of pearls of wisdom emanating from my keyboard. They all are probing deep into cyber space to see what I am upto every minute of the day.

This to me sounds like too much pressure – in fact bordering on paranoia. Looks like we cannot ruminate about anything without feeling the need to analyze whether it can fetch me a couple of more morsels of online fame. And in the process add to the surfeit of junk that has already made it into cyberspace. As I key these words in, I am aware of their poignant irony. I am criticising the need for constant expression online while expressing these very thoughts online! Such is life I guess. Sigh! At least this completes this week’s article. I will think of some more trash to dispense next week…
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