Feeling Good…

You guys should seriously check out the new Jockey ad and the “feeling good” song by Nina Simone that they are using as the background vocal. I downloaded this in my Itunes library and hear this so much that there is an eternal hum of this song at the back of my mind. It feels so spiritual and makes my day. The repetitive “you know how I feel” or “you know what I mean” just lulls you on beautifully and reassures you that you will feel good no matter what life throws at you.

I think that the song itself can be viewed in two different ways – as a defiant song – I don’t care what life throws at me, I am determined to feel good.  Or as a plain “feel good song” – I am feeling good looking at the dragon flies out in the sun and the butterflies all having fun.

In either case, it is sure to make your day. Check it out.

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