Connecting the dots..

I love the commencement address of Steve Jobs at Stanford University. In my view, it was a re-affirmation of the “Hind sight is 20-20 rule” that most of us know. In retrospect, everything makes sense but as you are rambling through life and inevitably having a mixed set of experiences , it is hard to “connect the dots”.

That is why I have always maintained that successful people are successful in retrospect. Everything that they have blundered through appears carefully planned in hindsight. So one of the keys to having a satisfying journey is to accept the fact that we cannot connect the dots as we wade through them.
Which harks back to ” ignorance is bliss” kind of an attitude. I don’t want to make sense out of things that are destined to never make any sense. The only problem with this kind of philosophy is that it tends to become fatalistic. Since I can’t make sense out of anything – why aspire for anything? But if you don’t aspire for anything where are you headed? Quite clearly, we do want to have aspirations. But it is important that we also know to accept the short term setbacks without allowing them to bog us down from achieving our long term goals.
Admittedly, many (or pesimistically speaking most of us) may not achieve those long term goals but at least we are trying and enjoying the ride. And that I think is the most important. Enjoy the ride and the destination becomes incidental. I think that would be my takeaway from Steve Jobs’s speech which he himself summarized laconically as “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – An Amen to that..
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