A new addition to my life..

There are certain events that are transformational in a man’s life. Adding a wife or a child into the mix are certainly candidates in this list of events. Unless of course you have the propensity to marry too often. Or you resemble a cod fish which – I am told by people who know these things – has this ability to father a million offspring in one go. Way to go codfish!

Anyways, the last time I checked I was neither a polygamist (at least legally) nor am I a codfish not withstanding a chance resemblance to it when I am a bit confounded. So both my marriage and the advent of my darling son have indeed been significant events in my life.

In this post, I wanted to talk about another transformational event. Yes I finally went ahead and bought a Digital SLR! These things have been seducing me from behind shopping windows or from various books and magazines for quite sometime with their insidious charms. But I had been man enough to resist their lure. At last I succumbed and bought a Nikon D7000!

This replaces an older N90S that I had for quite sometime which provided me ceaseless enjoyment before I grew weary about the lack of immediate feedback.  After all, who wants a film camera these days? Buy expensive film, shoot endless pictures and give it for processing only to discover that the exposure has gone berserk? Or that the subject has moved out of the frame!

I believe in agility and that applies to my pictures as well. If the feedback loop takes 3 to 4 days I grow tired of it. In that sense, I do think that the digital photography world has radically changed the way we do photography. It is somewhat akin to what Extreme programming did to the old waterfall model in software engineering. Don’t take a year before you realize that your idea sucks. Instead find that out quickly and scrap it before it is too late.  That is how it is going to be with my pictures now.

So,while I am going to read about white balance, histograms, depth of field and spot metering, I might deem myself sufficiently qualified at some point in time to post some articles on these things. And also show some pictures in the process. Keep watching this space for those!



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